Beyond the sign you will put on your lawn, you should find effective ways to spread the word about your home. Local buyers can be reached through the newspaper, but this is only a small part of the market you are after. Be sure you include the many buyers who could already be working with a Realtor. To locate them, target as many top agents as possible in your market to see if the criteria of their buyers matche that of your homes. Because out-of town buyers are also an important target, you should create a strategy to reach these people as well.You might want to take a look at these websites to post your advertisement.

But remember, advertising doesn’t sell housereal estate agents do. A recent study by the NAR (National Association of Realtors) uncovered some interesting statistic estimates about 66% of buyers come from real estate  agents, only 8% of buyers come from advertisement. You might consider the fact that most buyers do use a real estate agent because it doesn’t cost them anything for the service (i.e. the seller pays the agent’s fee).

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Best time to sell your home is coming

You’ve began thinking about selling your house in San Diego and you have waited until the spring or early summer before listing. The yard will look its best and potential buyers will be out in force. Conventional wisdom says the second quarter tends to rank as best time to sell home. But that is usually the time of the largest home inventory. your competition.

But not this year. In March, San Diego Real Estate Inventory decreased 15.0 percent for Detached homes and 25.8 percent for Attached homes compared to last year.

Homes are selling faster. Days on Market decreased 14.0 percent for Detached homes and 26.2 percent for Attached homes.

Mortgage rates continued to fall this week and dipped to new 2016 lows and the lowest rates since May 2013, according to a weekly survey of national mortgage rates by Freddie Mac. San Diego Home Buyers want to get into the market.

If you want to sell home, here are seven tips to sell house.

Best time to sell your home (Small)

1. Pay attention to curb appeal
Adding colorful flowers, trimming trees and bushes, Fresh mulch, or grass. Landscaping is a small cost, yet is one of the most important things to do to help sell a house. The good thing is it generally just requires some sweat equity and an afternoon to turn a boring front lawn into a beautiful work of art.

2. New mailbox
The mailbox is often overlooked as a trivial part of the home- but having a brand new mailbox is another simple and inexpensive way to show potential buyers that the house is fresh and updated.

3. Pare down possessions
Pack up your winter clothes, so your closets look bigger. Many buyers always look at closets and visualize their clothes or shoes in them. Clear fridge of all magnets as well.

4. A new mat at the front door
It’s cheap and it shows the home is fresh. Check out discount stores like Marshalls or Ross for nice, inexpensive mats.

5. Clean the kitchen
Prospective buyers spend a lot of time in the kitchen at open houses and showings – and you can bet they are going to open up the oven to see how large it is. Make sure it’s fresh and clean for them.

6. Clean the carpet
You may try to steam clean them yourself using a Rug Doctor or you can bite the bullet and have a professional take care of it.

7. Double check your agent’s online marketing
Once you have cleaned, de-cluttered, worked on curb appeal of your home, the next key to sell your home is Web Appeal, your agent’s online marketing. It is extremely critical that your home is not just found on the Internet, it also has to be noticed (see more info here)!

Reasons to choose Agent

5 Reasons to choose Agent

1. Successful Marketing plans
We are successful in our marketing plans to sell house. See our Multi-Network-Marketing  plan.

Powerful Website

We have a powerful website. About 160 people visit our website per day.

According to the National Association of Realtors, 78% of people begin their search on the internet.

Summary by Month
MonthDaily AvgMonthly Totals
Sep 2007387429675671583223228348847451701789036116234
Aug 20074568343760417332742614446538918728106575141631
Jul 20074347332656718932492437098588617607103116134772

3. Knowledge of Marketing Conditions

We know the current San Diego Real Estate Market Conditions. You can subscribe to our FREE Monthly Newsletter. 

4. Knowledge of San Diego

Steven Johnson has knowledge of San Diego Neighborhood.  Having grown up in San Diego, Steven Johnson has watched San Diego County grow and change through the years. It is very important to work with a realtor that knows the area.

5. Knowledge of House Building

Mark Kunce has knowledge of House Building. Mark Kunce has more than 30 years experience in home building and remodeling. His in-depth understanding of homes and how they are built are critical to sell home.